Kids Birthday party in Murulandia HelsinkiIn our theme park Murulandia you can have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your Birthday, the end of school year, the first time your children go to a kindergarten, the winning of a competition or any other significant event in your children’s life. It can be also an unusual and interesting way to spend time with your relatives and children.

Nowadays more and more people recognize the convenience of hosting celebrations outside their houses for many reasons. Firstly. parents do not have to cook anything, secondly, there is no need in cleaning up afterwards, and, above all, they do not have to think through a way of how to entertain their guests. Apart from that, it may be easier to invite your friends over a popular and well-known destination rather than to your own flat.

For you and your guests we can organize a joyful celebration!
Reservations: ph. (+358) 0452080988

Special offer “MINI” for groups of more than 7 children

Special offer “MINI PLUS” for groups of more than 7 children

Special offer “MEDIUM” for groups of more than 7 children

Special offer “PREMIUM” for groups of more than 7 children

Special offer “LUX” for groups of more than 7 children

Birthday Cake

What a Birthday party can do without a cake with candles?! In Murulandia you can order a cake for your celebration:

  • Strawberry-cream
  • Chocolate-cherry
  • Fruit

A cake for 10 portions – 45€

Table decorations and disposable thematic tableware – 20€ (max. 10 children, dishes for every extra child – 2,50€)

Animation programme

In addition, you may order an entertaining animation programme in Finnish. It is presented by the agency “Sea Pirates”. The duration of programme is 45 minutes. Price – 150€

Invitation to Birthday parties

You can download an invitation to your own party and to give it to your guests (in Finnish)

Poster for the Birthday

In order to make your child feel very special at this day, you may consider ordering a poster about your birthday party. It will be a wonderful reminder for your kid about this event for the whole life, because seeing a poster with your photos at the main bulletin board of our park will be a pleasant thing for every person.

Our posters are designed by individual design with taking into account all of your wishes. This will make the poster very personal and will help your kid feel valued and cherished. In the poster we can reflect those achievements your child has made this year, we can write there joyful wishes and suggest interesting riddles to solve. Apart from that, a photo of your child in the center of the poster will make your kid a celebrity of the day in our park. It will be a cheerful thing for all your company to examine the poster together, make photos with it, to take it home with you as a reminder of a wonderfully spent day and to hang it on the wall in your house. The cost of the poster is 35€.

After the celebration programme you can stay in the park, explore it on your own and be carried along by different games you find here.

Organizing a family event one should remember that it is a precious time spent with each other. You and your children will be able to make a common memory and to take a delight in playing together. This could make a new favourable tradition in your family.

We will be honored to make your celebration joyful and interesting!