Tourist elfsDear visitors of the city. You now have the unique opportunity to explore the specific characteristics of Finnish culture and history in our theme park.

Finland journey is now accompanied by a story in which we ask you to join. Everyone knows that our country’s northern part has the home of Santa Claus and his little tireless helpers Christmas gnomes . We take a trip to a theme park with the whole family. You can visit the gnomes in the village and learn about their way of life. You can make a visit to the Christmas tradition guarding gnome in his house. To see something, what you may not have known about the national history of Finnish Christmas traditions. For example, to learn where the tradition of sending Christmas cards began. Who is Santa Claus and what was before him. Who are the gnomes and where they came from. The Advent month and days. What should you do at Christmas, so that mosquitoes do not bite you in the summer. How the gnomes go to sauna. What kind of magical spells to say. And much more which you will be happy to tell your own friends at home upon arrival. Finnish Christmas kitchen features is the thing that has been carefully guarded in many families. You can taste and try one of our Christmas menus of our cafeteria any time of year. A unique Christmas atmosphere can be sensed when you are watching a miniature Christmas village. The gnomes love to play mini-golf and by tradition, it is a fairytale type game.

You have the opportunity to discover unique Finnish Kalevala stories and fairy tales. See the Finnish forest residents, or watch the presentation from Finland. Watch the visitor’s presentation, or visit some of our specific areas.

If you are traveling with children, the little guests are sure to spend time here to a good use. More information can be found under the age groups.

The hall and the cafeteria information is given in Finnish, Russian, English and Swedish.

Our staff will be happy to help you in these languages.