Light roomThe relaxation and sensory room is especially designed and constructed for us.

The main purpose of the room is to achieve relaxation and stress reduction.

Being in this room, you can restore the mental and moral balance. Find harmony with yourself and others, and to strengthen the nervous system.

The equipment of our sensory room is designed by a professional lighting expert and is primarily designed for relaxation, including music, video and aromatherapy.

Soft bean bag chairs, lights and sounds, as well as interactive devices help you to get complete relaxation and they will give more comfort to rest.

We built two such rooms. One for the children. The other for adults or children accompanied by parents. The main theme is silence.

In the adult area you have to be quiet so as not to disturb other visitors resting.

In the children’s light room you can express your feelings out loud and enjoy the spectacular light’s play, play with light in the ball sea by singing, or use a light table, sit on the ground or just lay down quietly.

If you can give yourself to the relaxing effect of light, then a visit to these rooms is sure to leave you with the most pleasant experience.