Dark roomThe room, which can be used for the allotted time. The whole area of the room will give you a completely different tactile sensation, when in complete darkness, without socks and bare hands, you can explore the world of knowing.

This memorable tactile experience helps restore emotional balance and feel of the integrity of the body, to better understand yourself and your feelings, to see the world in a different way and get a very personal experience.

It is especially recommended to go there during mental stress. Or couples in love. Or to focus on children’s disorder or unrest period. When you want to enhance the feeling of the sensitivity of the elderly. To special and disability children this room enriches sensual experience and stimulates the brain. It is excellent for children whose curiosity and thirst for knowledge are looking for new experiences. For adults who are interested in the world in all its forms and manifestations and those who love new experiences.

Children can only see this room with adults. People with psychiatric or physical problems only with an escort .

Make an appointment at the checkout. Duration of 20 min.