13 and olderWe were tired of seeing bored parents spend their day or evening in the children’s entertainment centers in anticipation when the child has bounced around enough and the day’s necessity is done.

Our thoughts about interesting entertainment for the whole family was born naturally, and we planned the theme park in such a way that all members of the family can rejoice, and to spend some time here .

For a child there is no substitute to the whole family time.

The family tradition of joint activities and characteristics of childhood time help to overcome many misconceptions.

When planning a common free time it is important to remember that we give our child a sample of how to spend it. In fact , in such a way they will learn to choose their way of life and recreation is an important part of it. Give your child the opportunity to try, not just the joy of active exercise, but also skillfully to it combined instructive and interesting things to do.

It is good if your child gets used to the fact that the only intention is not him or her to rest. But the entire family is planning their holidays in such a way that each have interesting things to do. So letting children become used to this we ensure that benefit of all members of the family is taken into account and the parents are not only the ones who are constantly forced to sacrifice their free time to making sure that their child is happy.

Well, do the people have interest to show that it is nice to follow your children? For our adult customers we offer the opportunity to participate in solving a variety of puzzles and tasks. To plunge into the world of fairy tales and magic and forget about the worries of the adult. Feel, touch and explore the whole of Christmas elves village . It’s also great to check out a mini Christmas village, and dive into the enchanting charm of the magic , and you can dream and relax.

Or you can go to see the cherished Christmas traditions and explore their cultural historical facts and legends. Take photos and get the impressions of the Finnish national cultural heritage in depth and width.

If you are tired you will be pleased relieve fatigue and worries in the relaxing room, with gradually changing light effects and meditative music to help you relax and rejuvenate. Those who are interested in space will be happy to go and lie down on the planetarium, which will give them a virtual flight.

Your whole family playing miniature golf is also a pleasant and interesting thing to do. Obstacle Course is the place where mountain climbing and flexibility in addition to throwing balls can be exercised to parents and children.

And the laboratory is also open to adults. There are so many interesting things microscopes help you see what the naked eye doesn’t notice.

If you want to get a special feeling and sensing experience, give yourself time to go to the dark sensory room. This memorable sensory experience to help restore emotional balance and a sense of the integrity of the body. A better understanding of yourself and your feelings may make anyone to see the world differently and get a very personal experience .

Especially recommended is to go there during mental stress. Or if being a couple in love.  Or to focus on children’s disorder or unrest period. When you want to enhance the feeling of the sensitivity of the elderly. Special and disabled children get enriched sensory experiences and stimulus to the brain . It is excellent for children whose curiosity and thirst for knowledge are looking for new experiences. For adults who are interested in the world in all its forms and manifestations and those who love new experiences.

Children can only see this room accompanied by adults. People with psychiatric or physical problems only with an escort. You can book the time from the cashier.

Our cafeteria serves you a healthy and tasty meal. A cozily and comfortably equipped cafe with a separate children’s play area helps you to enjoy a meal in peace after work when your child is playing nearby.

In our art workshop you will also be able to draw in the sand. Trying to get your hands dirty with fun finger paints or enjoy painting – or sculpture in a special sandbox. All of these art-therapeutic tasks are useful for both children and adults.