Primary school ageThe boys and girls at this age love adventure, testing, research, they love to compete in agility, courage, love solving puzzles, and like the unusual and unknown.

Children of this age can await multilevel maze with obstacles, multilevel maze tubes, screw slides and access doors, overcoming that can be competed with friends, aim-and-hit throw with balls. When weary enough, they will be able to lie in hammocks in a light room and watch the unusual play of light, or lying in a sea of ​​balls and manage its glow and colors through their voice. Draw a picture on an unusual light board, or watch the shadows.

You can visit the laboratory where for children of this age there will be especially lot of research opportunities. Microscopic world opens for kids an amazing invisible side of life, like the eggs of mammals under the microscope, animal hair, a drop of blood, a scale of fish and more than 2,000 other subjects to explore . Can examine the different characters of the rocks and surfaces with a magnifying glass. You can invent a technical gadget and control its motion, solve the color codes, can see how the earth rotates around the sun, and thereby a change of day and night and the seasons. In the area of ​​the anatomy it is interesting to see the structure of the ear and eye and also understand how internal organs are located, hear one’s heart beating through a stethoscope.

And maybe, also take the first steps towards a career guidance recognizing a scientific area of ​​one’s interest.

You can compete in the game of mini golf. Solve a lot of mysteries.

Lie in the planetarium and feel a space flight and watch the movement of the stars and planets of the solar system.

Learning about Christmas and Christmas-related cultural traditions may surprise you and maybe get you to laugh merrily. All the stories in an easy and relaxed atmosphere enrich the knowledge of the ancestors’ life and gives a better understanding of the language, stories and traditions of the country and may be even to understand yourself.

After a tasty meal you can still visit the area of ​​forest, Christmas village in the kingdom, or in a secret dark room, where everything feels so different.