Гномики – дошколятаThe kids at this age should have a good command of many motor skills, master the world of human relationships, and learn about the world through experiments and research. To be able to trace the relationships of many phenomena and events.

For children of this age, we have a lot of opportunities and special missions. The special role play space will leave no boy or girl uninterested.

They can enjoy a variety of games and a lot of houses’ objects. Try on your own doctor, a merchant, the café owner or hairdresser roles. Fishing in the lake, or take care of elves and to take them around with a pram. Children of four, five or six years can be happy to visit the gnomes’ laboratory, which has a microscope which you can use to see a jaw of a mosquito or rye seed split in half. Children can get familiar with stones mined by the mountain dwarves or build mechanically working devices. Visit Christmas village and plunge into the magical world of fairy tales. Learn about ancient Finnish Christmas traditions and of the national cuisine. Visit the planetarium, and experience flying between stars. Solve lot of task secrets set up by smart gnomes which will practice memory, logic and observation. Just having fun twisting, touching and knocking on many interesting things and gizmos in the country of gnomes, thereby training your small and large motor skills. With the help of a magic pen to learn to count and solve different tasks. Spend active time in a multilevel maze, overcoming obstacles and testing yourself on agility. Recharge your physical energy and practice target hitting by throwing balls. Plunge into the magic light room and swim in the sea with glowing balls and the child can see his or her drawing on the magic board. Do something interesting in the “Art workshop”, such as draw on the sand and explore the images with different illumination. Run sail boat on the channel, write a letter or craft a present to gnomes. And maybe take a special trip with mom or dad to touch the dark cave, using hands and feet to explore the inner coating of the cave to understand what is there. Find places like that and get them more memorable through sensory tactile experience. Practice in solving the maze wall leg play and play with parents mini golf and much, much more.

For the hungry children we have a cozy café awaiting, where you can enjoy not only a tasty and healthy snack, but also to play, watch, guess or see something interesting. Near to the cafe there is a forest area, which is a special place where you can sit in the nest of an eagle, hide in the foxes nest and learn a lot about the inhabitants of the Finnish forests. You can explore the animals, plants and insects as well play with animal-themed toys. Can solve the puzzles of the animal tracks in the forest glade. To examine the squirrel or hedgehog nests and look at the nice pictures of animals and listen to the sounds of the forest.