1-3 yearsThis particularly is the age, when the child’s sensory experience lays the foundation for successful future learning .

At this age, the children are similar to gnomes, tireless and curious. They try hard to explore and understand everything. For children of this age, we have special playing-mazes where they can independently, actively and ambitiously research all types of objects shapes, properties and weights. There is a possibility to manipulate different objects and things, and conditions are created for the exercise of small and large motor skills.

Soft mobility products , different sized and different feeling balls , tunnels and burrows, this is only a part of what your child can experience here.

Playhouse and slide for toddlers are special places for young children to discover plenty of interesting things for themselves. Here is a place to hide and an opportunity to have fun. They can play action-packed games and we have a place for role playing, as well as a place to play theater.

On the ground we have little dwarfs. There is a game area for kids one, two and three years aimed at strengthening research and mental processes , so important at this age. There are toys and games, which are located at eye level of kids of this age. The toys and games help to develop memory, conceptual thinking, the material senses and the development of speaking and learning of mathematics.

There is a shared large open space where children are allowed to play with big toys. Places for role-playing games where there are a variety of interesting toys with different topics.

There is a special trail pass, which consists of a variety of contact surfaces and at the same time offers some interesting games, as well as provides valuable sensory experiences. In the tiny village, where there is a set of small toys, gnomes will help you learn more about pets and farm equipment, and the characteristics of its inhabitants. Suitably located intelligent work and educational games, of course, draw the children’s attention and encourage them to take action and develop their knowledge.

Children are well worth a visit in the “Art Workshop”, where you can draw in sand table, or illuminated board. You can form different shapes from salt dough or clay. Play with water and draw or paint on canvas in the easel. It’s all so exciting, and leaves a lot of impressions.

A children’s special light room will definitely give delight! The balls in the ball pool change color with your own voice and is so much fun to change colors of balloons by singing or watch glowing little fishes. The Magic Whiteboard makes your drawing to alive and contains a lot of secrets.