Children up to 1 yearAt our place even the smallest crumb can do something interesting and useful. For them, we have a specially equipped area. A separate space in which the child has a unique opportunity without older children’s interfering, without noise, without a large hall area and, therefore, in perfect safety offers to develop, explore and discover the world.

Children from 2 months of age must be provided with vision and hearing “food” enriching his or her life through miscellaneous sense perceptions. To do this, we have the equipment and toys that provide visual concentration, surprises and wake up interest. We only use such equipment that will stimulate the baby’s brain and develop it.

We know that starting at 6 months brain activity becomes more complex. The child can manipulate objects, move things, rotate wheels, use fingers to touch moving parts and understand special baby puzzles. He or she is trying to open and close simple boxes, push buttons, conceal, remove small objects and explore, open, and touch and feel different parts. Learns to sit and walk. Listens to and remembers the first words. Crawling, sitting and walking.

To do this, we have light-weight, comfortable to grip and squeeze, attractive surface, different feel, safe for your baby different sizes, weights, and construction of special toys and objects. The baby will also learn easily and naturally to remember the first words examining these interesting toys. The baby can conveniently handle things, research and learn variety of motor skills.

Our pride are the special exercise equipment that will help your child to learn safely to crawl, sit, stand and walk. And interesting toys located at the “finish line”, will stimulate the child’s desire to move.

Here for your convenience , there is a changing table and sink. A mother doesn’t need to be away for long from fun games and from friends when she is changing a diaper. There is a café located nearby where you can get a tasty light meal for all family members.

And when the baby wants to relax , then we can put him or her in a special hammock for kids or orthopedic bag (syaki) . The baby can move with mother to a relaxation room where to relax together in a smooth motion with soft soothing light effects and peaceful music, or stroll around with parents and explore interesting places in the large hall. The child can even be able to sleep while the other parent plays miniature golf, in the mini-golf area because there, too, are comfortable soft bags.

We have tried to think through every detail that you and your baby could get the maximum benefit and convenience from the visit!