Elf family

Murulandia is a theme park for the whole family. It is a special environment in where there are all of the conditions for development and refreshment. A new level of leisure is the answer to how to make a holiday for families with children interesting and worthwhile. Our slogan is “Leisure time, Family and Development”. What kind will the child be growing up, depends a lot on how and where he or she spends the time. In other words, the environment can either develop the child and make him or her a stronger and smarter, or hinder the cognitive interest. By playing and exploring in our park the child will train memory, alertness and imagination without even realizing it. Receive important sensory experiences. Learn to concentrate, to think logically and learn new things about Finnish culture, history and traditions. Adults, too, will get their share of this place and be able to happily spend time for relaxing and getting benefit.

Our secret is that the whole environment is designed taking into account the specific characteristics of the child’s development in different ages and mental activity further more stimulated by an interesting and fabulous decor. Materials of the toys and equipment are chosen and made based on Montessori, early education, Nikitin, Elkonin and Davydov, and many other leading schools and methods of the theory of pedagogy. Many of the toys and toys frames are built on a special order, and contain number of ideas to develop children. Similar set you can’t find elsewhere in the world.

The contents of our developing environment center meets not only the interests of boys and girls of every age but is also enjoyable and interesting for adults.

We are developing our center and vary toys and equipment periodically. We focus on supplementing our services and maintaining interest through the feedback information we collect continuously from visitors.